Don’t waste time, make your photo sharing more efficient with Photo2Go!

Photo2Go is a convenient way to take photos and email them without needing you to switch back and forth between various applications. Save yourself some time by setting up the recipient email address and the subject and body (optional) of the email in advance, and Photo2Go will automatically send the photo to the entered address for every photo you take. Or, you can take the photo first and fill the rest in afterwards.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and snap away!


Key features:

  1. 1.Can predefine the recipient email address, as well as the email’s subject and body.

  2. 2.Fills in the predefined email address, subject, and body automatically so you can take and send photos continuously without the waiting time in between.

3. Optimizes the size of the photo for fast processing and sending.

4. Prints date and time on the photo (optional); color is customizable.

Screen shots: